People's Wine Revolution tasting with Matt Reid

This past Thursday we've had the pleasure of having Matt Reid, winemaker at People's Wine Revolution, visit us and share with us his extensive expertise in all aspects of winemaking, and five of his wines.
We started with a side-by-side comparison of the 2012 and 2013 vintages of the PWR Viognier. It was a great learning experience of the evolution of this wine over one year. Both vintages were aromatic, highly floral with strong citrus notes, but the 2012 was more floral whereas the 2013 had more citrus. The discussion indicated that we all loved both, and felt that the 2012 is perfect to drink now, while the 2013 would probably become even more enticing over the next year.
We then proceeded to taste three red wines, in a mostly-blind format at my request. All three were 2012 vintage. The first one was "The People’s Grenache", made of 90% Grenache and 10% Petite Sirah. We noted aromas of roses and bright fruit (strawberry). I thought I also picked up earthy hints. The second red was "Bea's Knees Petite Sirah", with a beautiful deep purple color and ripe dark berry flavors. Other notes from around the table include dark chocolate and leather. The third red was Syrah, and we noted blueberry and olive flavors, with several other notes that did not reach the concensus threshold. The Syrah was my favorite, though all the wines were great. You can find the information Matt provided about the wines here.
I personally think Matt's PWR wines deliver wonderful quality for a very affordable price, and as far as I could tell we all agreed on that. I'd like to thank Matt for coming and sharing with us his knowledge and wine. I was highly impressed with Matt's knowledge, and I think we all learned a lot. One book recommendation that came out of the discussion was for Postmodern Winemaking. I'll try to get my hands on it soon.
If you missed this tasting and would still like to taste some PWR wines, you can order them from the PWR website. I bet you would not be disappointed.