Edward Mazenc

Edward Mazenc


Being half-french, I am almost legally obliged to care about wine. However, just a couple years ago, it didn't go far beyond choosing between red and white. I love cooking and I soon realized I knew nothing about what was in the glass as opposed to what was on the plate. In Cambridge, I joined the blind wine tasting society and got hooked right away. From then on, I helped represent the Varsity blind-tasting team at competitions around Europe, trying to guess what on earth I had just been poured. At Stanford, I teach our Thursday blind-tasting series. I hope to make wine more accessible and help people get the most out of living in wine country. 

Clara Meister


I'm a CME coterm (no I don't hate myself) from Miami, FL. I came to my first Wine Society gathering almost 2 years ago knowing absolutely nothing about wine. There was no stigma; on the contrary, everyone seemed so excited to help me learn! Since that night, my love for wine has only grown. Learning about the nuances of wine has turned into a hobby, one that I always find time to partake in, even on the busiest of weeks. I've found that the people in Wine Society seem to have the same mentality: there's always time to take a moment (or 2 hours on Thursday nights) to appreciate a good glass of wine.

Tim Aiken


I'm a CS coterm who has lived for way too long in the Bay Area (22 years to be exact). I got into wine through the Stanford Wine Society and was surprised to discover that you don't need to own multiple homes or be able to recite the name of every village in France to appreciate and enjoy wine. Ever since I've had a blast exploring new varietals from new places. For me wine is about discovery and it's so exciting that, no matter how long you have been drinking, every bottle you open will be different from any you have had before.

Tina Diao


Hi there, I am a PhD student in Management Science & Engineering. I’m pretty new to wine and probably can’t pronounce most of them correctly still. However, Stanford Wine Society has been particularly fun and educational for me. I look forward to making it as pleasant an experience for all the members as it has been for me!

Joel Schneider


While the Midwest where I'm from isn't exactly wine country, I've always enjoyed wine despite not knowing the slightest bit about what was in my glass. California is a different story! I'm a PhD student in Chemical Engineering, and I find the chemical processes and tools used in winemaking fascinating. To me, SWS has been a great place to meet people over a glass of wine, learn more about what I enjoy, and take some of the mystery out of wine. Most importantly, it's fun! Wine is always an adventure for me, one that's even better with company.

Shashwat Silas


I'm a CS theory PhD student. I have lived in India, France, England and the east coast before I came to Stanford, and I have been fortunate to learn about the amazing food cultures of these places. I love cooking for my friends and pairing food with wines as a way of sharing my experiences. To me, wine and wine society is about sharing with friends and bringing people together. We try to take the occult and pretense out of wine tasting, after which you're just left with a great forum for learning, good company and memorable evenings.