We have been fortunate to have had Joel Schneider and Sebastiano Bea as vice-presidents and Edward Mazenc as president on our executive committee in previous years.

Shashwat Silas


I'm a CS theory PhD student. I have lived in India, France, England and the east coast before I came to Stanford, and I have been fortunate to learn about the amazing food cultures of these places. I love cooking for my friends and pairing food with wines as a way of sharing my experiences. To me, wine and wine society is about sharing with friends and bringing people together. At SWS, I lead our tastings as we start the year understanding the "elements of wine" and do a year-long whirlwind tour of the world of wine.  

Matthew Ribar

Internal Relations Manager

I’m a graduate student in the department of political science here at Stanford. Before coming to Stanford, I was based out of Washington, DC. The SWS tastings have been a great opportunity to learn more about wine; the blind tasting format really helps you focus on what’s in front of you, rather than what you expect to be in front of you. In my (limited) free time, I love to cook and pair wines for friends.  

Jenny Hong

Jenny Hong

Financial Officer

I had a roundabout way of getting into wine: tea! The language of aromas and textures and terroir captivated me, and I am excited to continue that learning with SWS.  SWS’s blind tasting format strips away the mystery of wine and breaks it down into components. In turn, blind tasting skills enhance a whole range of experiences, from my day-to-day cooking to sampling single origin chocolates. SWS has been an amazing community to share great wine, food, and experiences with! And it’s one of many ways I love to enjoy my home state of California! As an officer, I strive to help make wine as accessible as possible to everyone in the SWS community!

Kirsten Seagers

Kirsten Seagers

Logistics Manager

I grew up near the Finger Lakes region of New York where I first learned to enjoy ice wines. After moving to California from the east coast, I found many unique opportunities to learn more about all kinds of wine. The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. As a student pursuing a master’s in mechanical engineering, I find the production of wine an extraordinary process, especially the effect engineering innovations have had on improving the outcome of the process. SWS has been a wonderful environment to share my love of wine with others while learning from my peers and exploring new wines.