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The life and times of a tannin molecule

“By contrast, for adapted species, tannins can actually act as feeding stimulants.” (Berbehenn 2011)

A brief taxonomy of oenological acids

The second of the SWS introductory wine tasting workshops centered on body, acid, alcohol, and sugar. So here's my take on the acidic component of wine.

When tasting wine we often go to lengths to assess the acidity of the wine in front of us, whether we like the acidity, and whether it’s balanced by other elements such as sugar. What you’ll probably never write in your tasting notes was whether you tasted more malic acid, tartaric acid, or citric acid... but isn’t it a stunning topic to contemplate?

Why wine smells the way it does

A grandiose topic, which will not be exhaustively explored but rather briefly overviewed

Welcome to the first of many wine-science-lite blog posts, inspired by the topic of our club's weekly activities.

Our First Blog Post

Stanford Wine Society begins a blog!

Stay tuned for oenological musings of all sorts. Want to contribute? Contact us!


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