My first crush - UPDATE

The yeast have completed their work!
An update on my post from 9/25/14

So far, the Malbec fermentation is proceeding like clockwork (knock on wood!). In a little under two weeks (at the beginning of last week), the Brix were down to 0º, meaning that all the sugar had been consumed.*

The wines that people bring to parties

Reflections on the SWS kickoff blind tasting event



My first crush

When life gives you wine grapes, make wine!

A wine adventure with Ed Kurtzman of Sandler Wine Company and August West

Ed Kurtzman has a very impressive winemaker bio: Bernardus, Chalone, Testarossa, Fort Ross, Freeman, Roar, Mansfield-Dunne, August West and his own label Sandler Wine Company. His bio is extremely impressive, but Ed is even more awesome in person, and on May 1, he visited us and shared with us plenty of knowledge, stories, no less than ten excellent wines and much more, in one of the best wine events I've ever attended.

Why you should join Stanford Wine Society: we’ll improve your sense of smell

On the biology of odor perception; how it affects—and is affected by—wine tasting

Travieso tasting

Our first event for Spring term was a tasting with my favorite local winery, Travieso. I was delighted that winemaker Ray Sliter has agreed to visit us and share with us some winemaking stories and wonderful wine. We tasted six wines: a white blend and five red wines. Brief tasting notes (mine, with some additions that came up in the discussion): La Llorona, 43% Viognier, 43% Chardonnay, 14% Rousanne, deep gold, youthful nose, creamy, lemon, green apple, mineral, pineapple, vanilla.

Mapping wine microbes: An introduction to microbial ecology for wine drinkers

Now if that demystifies wine, I can understand how some might consider that threatening; I actually consider it enabling and wonderful. – David A. Mills, PNAS podcast (Dec 2013)

On roots, and time travel

As our club’s regularly-scheduled events are on break until next quarter, there’s time for blogging about miscellaneous somewhat-sciencey topics that cross my path. This week: roots.

People's Wine Revolution tasting with Matt Reid

This past Thursday we've had the pleasure of having Matt Reid, winemaker at People's Wine Revolution, visit us and share with us his extensive expertise in all aspects of winemaking, and five of his wines.

Crowdsourcing blind tasting

More fun with stats


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