About Us

The Stanford Wine Society aims to bridge the aesthetic appreciation of wine and the academic studies of Stanford students in the natural and social sciences. For those new to wine, our group provides a welcoming, accessible introduction to wine appreciation; for those already enthusiastic about wine, we provide an environment for deeper inquiry, with a special emphasis on academic topics not explored by most conventional wine-tasting societies.

You can find out much more about us on our Membership and Events pages. We also have an FAQ page for more in-depth questions.


Meet our officers!
Visit our officer profile page.
Have any questions? Email our officers at stanfordwine_exec (at) lists (dot) stanford (dot) edu.


Keep in touch

There's a variety of ways to keep in touch with us:

  • stanfordwine_all email list: The best way! This is our official list for general announcements from our club exec about public events and membership. Subscribe to this and you'll receive about one email every quarter or two.
  • We also have a stanfordwine email list for members only that all current members are automatically subscribed when they join.
  • We have a Facebook group! We'll post both official and unofficial stuff here; probably nothing you wouldn't get via the email lists, but more personal and quicker. Plus, you can post too! Open to everyone, whether or not you're at Stanford and whether or not you're a member.
  • Join us on OrgSync. Being part of our "community" on OrgSync doesn't get you anything, really, but it lets Student Activities and Leadership know that there are lots of students who care about us. We do use OrgSync to keep track of membership and for event sign-ups and also document storage, but all of that is open to any member of the Stanford community, whether you're "joined" on OrgSync or not.

Many thanks to Nora Jane Brackbill for our awesome logo!