Welcome to the site of the Stanford Wine Society! Started in 2013 by a group of wine-loving Stanford graduate students, this society aims to be a friendly community for anyone who wants to learn about wine, from absolute beginner to seasoned taster.

We hold tastings of many varieties, including introductory workshops in wine appreciation; visits and tastings by local winemakers; academic talks by researchers in various fields such as fermentation microbiology, intellectual property law, viticulture, marketing, human sensory perception, etc; and participatory events such as tasting experiments and field trips to labs and wineries.

So, if you like wine and want to learn things like: detecting aromas in wine, differences in grape varietals, the effects of location on winemaking, and generally, getting a handle on what you're looking at when you are perusing the wine racks at a store (as well as knowing what you like!), come and check out the society! Memberships are termly - more details on our Membership Information section.

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